Goldwater Institute vs. Coyotes; Semin, Radulov and KHL; amusing Roberto Luongo chat (Puck Headlines)

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In the interest of equal time, Nate Wine sends over this sight from behind the Los Angeles Kings bench. #BecauseItsTheFalseDCups

• If you're someone that doesn't believe the city of Glendale should bend over for the Phoenix Coyotes, you probably shouldn't read the proposed arena deal that will potentially keep them there. [AZCentral]

• The Goldwater Institute's letter to council members and the Mayor of Glendale. [Goldwater Institute]

• "If the NHL wants hockey in the desert, perhaps they should just sell the city the team. It'd be a lot cheaper than propping up the new owners -- and probably constitutional, too." [AZ Central]

• BREAKING: Jarome Iginla rips apart new coach Bob Hartley, saying … just kidding. He's jovial and optimistic: "And from our initial conversation, I'm looking forward to learning from him and getting better as a team." [Sun Media]

• Alex Semin and Alex Radulov on the same KHL team next season? [Cult of Hockey]

• Jonathan Willis has a way for the NHL to fix its terribly flawed "hits" stat. [NHL Numbers]

• The Colorado Avalanche sign David Jones to a 4-year, $16-million contract, which is what a hard-nosed player that can score 20 goals a season probably earns as a UFA. [Denver Post]

• Is Nail Yakupov in play, and are the Toronto Maple Leafs going to get him? [Sportsnet]

• NBC Should Air All The Potential Clinching Games Of The Stanley Cup Finals. [SB Nation]

• Our own Harrison Mooney interviews Roberto Luongo on Twitter, including the funniest Snooki joke we've ever read. [Pass It To Bulis]

• Knuble's Knights say farewell to Mike Knuble as he parts ways with the Washington Capitals. [RMNB]

• Knuble on the future of the Capitals: "The next coach will be able to handle the stars. He'll deal with Alex, keep him going in the right direction, but at the same time make sure that he has a great relationship with him," Knuble said. "I think the young guys are getting older and they can be dealt with without kid gloves and I think that was established this year. You can ruffle some of the guy's feathers, say things that they might not want to hear. They're not kids anymore." [Capitals Insider]

• The Toronto Marlies are a sensation for a city that knows winning as well as Notorious BIG knew a salad (RIP). [Globe & Mail]

• Is this the end of the Sergei Bobrvosky era for the Philadelphia Flyers? [BSH]

• When someone writes a column about how the Los Angeles Kings are the worst thing to happen to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, one must expect a rather harsh rebuke from a Kings fan. [McSorley's Stick, via Jewels From The Crown]

• Bill Plaschke on the Kings: "Guess what? They're human. They knew that Wednesday could have been the biggest moment in franchise history. And by the time they stepped on the ice after spending two days in a city gripped with Kings fever, that moment swallowed them. They played as if scared to lose. And when they missed on several golden chances to score — they even hit the post twice — they hung their helmets and played defense as if they had already lost." [LA Times]

• The Steve Tambellini contract extension has baffled Edmonton Oilers fans. [Copper and Blue]

• Dellow goes rip city on Steve Simmons and Damien Cox over Brian Burke coverage. [mchockey79]

• Bob Bassen leads the Dallas Stars alumni association. [Stars Blog]

• Finally, here's the CBC opening from last night, set to California Dreamin'. Good stuff.

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