Evander Kane faces civil assault suit, which should quiet his critics

Evander Kane faces civil assault suit, which should quiet his critics
Evander Kane faces civil assault suit, which should quiet his critics

According to CBC News, Evander Kane of the Winnipeg Jets is being sued by a Vancouver man for assault, despite not facing any criminal charges from the incident.

Via CBC:

In a notice of civil claim filed on March 28 with the B.C. Supreme Court, the man alleges that he was attacked by Kane while heading home from work on Aug. 10, 2013 near the corner of Burrard Street and Barclay Street in Vancouver. The man claims he suffered a concussion and various injuries to the head, neck, shoulders, back, chest, ribs, left leg and heel as a result of the alleged incident. The man is seeking unspecified damages as well as compensation for past and future health-care costs and legal costs.

"The plaintiff's injuries have and will continue to cause him suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, permanent physical disability, loss of earning capacity, past and future, and loss of housekeeping capacity, past and future," the civil claim reads in part.

(It’s going to be very difficult to prove it was this alleged assault that caused the Vancouver man “loss of enjoyment of life” if the defense can confirm he is, in fact, also a Canucks fan …)

According to CBC, Vancouver police investigated the incident at the time but didn’t charge Kane with anything, telling the network in an email: "Given the circumstances of the incident there were no arrests made and there was insufficient evidence to support or recommend any criminal charges.”

“Given the circumstances” is a rather telling phrase. Like, perhaps, there were factors at play here that influenced police not to charge Kane?

But the bottom line is that Kane has a suit against him, which we’re sure will only add fuel to the movement to chase him out of Winnipeg that’s been ongoing since 2012. (Even if Kane’s never wanted out.) Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press writes this week, before the civil case report:

Just whisper the name Evander Kane at the NHL Draft in Philadelphia this June and watch the offers come zipping in. An NHL GM recently told me Kane would fetch a major return — roster players as well as prospects and or picks depending on the team or the structure of the deal.

Assuming, of course, that general manager isn’t morally offended by all of Kane’s many indiscretions that have soured the Winnipeg media on him. MY GAWD HE USED STACKS OF MONEY AS A PHONE, PEOPLE!

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