Dustin Penner vs. Conan O’Brien; everyone calm down about the CBA (Puck Headlines)

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• Dustin Penner's comeback to Conan O'Brien and his snarky Los Angeles Kings bashing was pretty damn good. Although this is just inviting Triumph to get involved ... [Sportsnet]

• Dwight King signs for two years with the Kings. [Hammond]

• Do the Los Angeles Kings have the drive to repeat as champions? "Yes, being focused on the celebration (hangover) could be seen as the same thing as focus on the future (drive), but I'm listing it separately. Winning can cause complacency. Some players are susceptible to the mindset that they can let it slide for a while, resting on past success. Carolina GM Jim Rutherford said it took a season to show who on the team was committed to winning again after they won their Stanley Cup in '06. Sure, some guys get a taste of winning and want it again more than ever." [Sunbelt Hockey]

• Michigan hockey coach Red Berenson, 72, agreed to a three-year contract extension Monday through the 2015-16 season. [Wolverine Nation]

• Ondrej Pavelec got a DUI in Czech Republic, according to Nova Sport. They must have Czech'd his B.A.C. (boooo) [KK]

• Great piece by Steph Gregor about double-lung transplant survivor Trevor Umlah, whose ECHL hockey comeback story inspired the Central Ohio hockey community and the Columbus Blue Jackets. [Fox Sports Ohio]

• What might the CBA news from the NHL mean for Shea Weber and his future? [Examiner]

• Sam Fels on the NHL's opening CBA proposal: "So let's get to the deal breaker, and that's the share of revenue the players get. 46% is a hilariously, almost insulting number. But we know that it's probably going to come down from 57%. But what should really scare fans is that the owners are going to attempt to redefine what hockey related revenue is. They won't be discussing what portion of the pie each get. First they're going to have to decide what the pie even is. It's one thing for the players to eventually settle for 52-53% of the current pool. It's another when the owners try and convince them to take that percentage of a pool that's been robbed of some sort of income." [Second City Hockey]

• Ken Campbell believes the NHL's first offer was … reasonable? "Rather than look at the owners' opening salvo as a war on the players, perhaps it's time to look at it as a workable framework for a new deal. You'd have to presume the NHL's offer isn't going to get worse. The league is not going after guaranteed contracts, which is sacrosanct to the players, nor is it demanding a pre-determined rollback on existing contracts. And if the two sides can negotiate up from there, perhaps there's a deal somewhere in here that works for everyone involved." [THN]

• Jesse Spector is also in the 'hey, calm down, it's a negotiation' camp. "There is something that the union could propose to alleviate the problems of teams hamstrung by the salary cap and teams barely able to climb to the floor: Eliminate them, and return to the free-market system in which the owners made all the money that made them owners in the first place." [Sporting News]

• Tapeleg on lockout fever: "Next, the players counter-offer.  And it's going to be slightly less ridiculous than the one the owners put forth.  But only slightly.  The players would term this CBA into next season if they could.  We will hear that the players aren't going to fix the system for the owners.  We will hear the words "non-starter' many times." [Jerseys and Hockey Love]

• Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin announced Monday the signing of forward Blake Geoffrion to a one-year, two-way contract (2012-13). [Canadiens]

• General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have agreed to terms with defenceman Theo Peckham on a one-year contract. Peckham will earn $1.075M next season. [Oilers]

• What is Stillpower and why does Zach Parise believe in it enough to write the forward to a book about it? [The Hockey Writers]

• Now that Parise is signed, what should Minnesota Wild fans know about this guy? [Hockey Wilderness]

• In praise of Kyle Wellwood's intangibles, which we assume include digestion. [Backhand Shelf]

• Ladies, the Tampa Bay Lightning are looking for their 2012-13 Lightning Girls. Fair warning: "Must have a high school diploma or general education diploma (GED)." [Bolts Report]

• Finally, we hope Dominik Hasek comes back and then faces a Teemu Selanne penalty shot and then our NHL 94 cartridge freezes right as Teemu's about to shoot.

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