Daniel Alfredsson's career probably over per report

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Daniel Alfredsson's career probably over per report
Daniel Alfredsson's career probably over per report

Daniel Alfredsson's retirement possibility seems to be getting clearer and clearer -- as if that wasn't the case already for the injured Red Wing. 

Per TSN's Darren Dreger in The Dreger Report:

"Sources tell The Dreger Report that Alfredsson has decided not to play this season and while the Red Wings have been informed he is likely done, they have not heard directly from Alfredsson."  

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"Alfredsson has been plagued by an injured disc in his back over the past few years, a lingering problem that he is able to manage off ice, but is continually aggravated by the wear and tear of game action."

This shouldn't be much of a surprise since it was reported in mid-October that the former Senators captain had stopped skating because of his back issue. 

Also from MLive.com in its piece about Alfie:

"Alfredsson's agent, J.P. Barry, told the Red Wings earlier this week that it wasn't looking good for a comeback attempt."

And later in the story, per MLive, Barry couldn't be reached for comment .. of course!

The weirder part of the story is that why has he not informed the Red Wings if he is indeed done? And honestly, with the rapid developments of Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar, is there really a point for Detroit to add another graybeard on their roster?

But as with most retirment situations -- especially with a guy like Alfredsson who seems to love to play hockey -- it's probably tough for him to pull the proverbial Band-Aid off. That may actually be happening now. 



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