Corey Perry pulls ‘garbage’ play, kicks Patrik Laine (Video)

Corey Perry is a very clean, upstanding hockey player.

Well, outside of that time he speared a goalie and kicked a goalie in the throat and cross-checked a goalie and this head shot and this elbow to the head and this leaping hit and this slash and all of these things and all the stuff we missed and all the stuff Future Corey Perry has already done in another timeline.

So it comes as no surprise that Corey Perry is totally Corey Perry’ing up the IIHF world championships as an NHL player eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, i.e. competing for Team Canada.

Perry, the team captain, showed some quality leadership in attempting to take out Patrik Laine of Finland, who will either go first or second overall in next month’s NHL Draft, in their preliminary game on Tuesday.

Laine was skating in the neutral zone, keeping an eye on the puck. Perry was skating to the Canada bench, and stuck his left leg out to clip Laine’s ankle.

The Finnish phenom pulled up and skated to the Finland bench in obvious pain. We assume it was from the Perry play, and not that terrible new Timberlake song the arena was playing.

Ray Ferraro of TSN called it a “garbage” play:

Laine would return to the game. Perry would remain an [expletive], saying after the game when asked about the play, "I have no idea what you're talking about... "

Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of this incident is former "Corey Perry" Esa Tikkanen threatening the current Corey Perry:

Finland shut out Canada 4-0 in the game to remain the only unbeaten team at the 2016 worlds. The Finns finished at the top of Group B, setting up a quarterfinal against Denmark, while Canada must face Sweden in a rematch of the 2014 Olympic final.


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