CM Punk gives ‘embarrassing’ Hulk Hogan one more Stanley Cup smackdown

CM Punk gives ‘embarrassing’ Hulk Hogan one more Stanley Cup smackdown

CM Punk, former WWE champion and current MMA contender, is one of the Chicago Blackhawks’ most vocal celebrity puckheads.

That included his war of words with Tampa Bay Lightning supporter and wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, who snarked that the Blackhawks “are in a whole lot of trouble, they should take their puck 'punk' and go home, CM can show them the way brother.”

And that’s when Punk cut his first promo on Hulk Hogan while repping the Hawks in the Stanley Cup Final:

In which Punk called Hogan “a piece of garbage” and reminded fans that he thought their coach was named “Jon Connor.”

You know, like in “The Terminator.”

On Thursday, Punk was a member of the CSN Chicago panel for the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup parade, after they vanquished Hogan’s Lightning in six games. And he took one more chair-shot at the Hulkster’s ego:

PAT BOYLE (CSN CHICAGO): “Punk was a subplot to the Stanley Cup Final along with Hulk Hogan, a Tampa Bay Lightning fan.”

PUNK: “No he’s not. That’s the problem I have with that. If I’m a Lightning fan, I’m embarrassed they hitched their wagon to a guy like that. Doesn’t know Stamkos’s name, the captain’s name. Icing to him is something he eats three times a day.

“My love for hockey supersedes anything else and I would just like to see people tune in and understand the game and appreciate the game for what it is. You put something on there like that, it kind of lowers it a little."

BOYLE: “Maybe they needed a better representative?”

PUNK: “That’s what I’m saying. If I’m a Lightning fan, I want someone to better represent my team. They’re a hell of an organization. That paints them in the wrong light.”

Go. To. Sleep. Hogan.


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