Charlie Sheen left Game 4, wasn’t allowed back in, flipped out

Not surprisingly for a game in which the Los Angeles Kings could have clinched their first Stanley Cup in franchise history, the Staples Center was filled with celebrities Wednesday night. Will Ferrell. Kate Hudson. Ellen Page. Porn star Taylor Stevens, who drew attention down by the glass.

Why, even Charlie Sheen was there. For a while.

At some point, Sheen stepped outside for a smoke break, and when he attempted to re-enter the arena, he was stopped by a security guard. The Staples Center has a policy against re-entry, you see.

Shocker: Sheen did not appreciate this policy. Famed for his restraint -- sorry, lack of restraint -- the former "Two and a Half Men" star did what he does best, launching into a profanity-laced tirade.

And because the other thing Sheen does best is behave consistently, he immediately followed this furious rant with a wholly reasonable, understated dissertation on common sense and decency. From Fox Sports:

Sheen's pals tried keeping him away from paparazzi, but the actor wanted to make a point.

Sheen, 46, composed himself and looked directly into a camera, asking, "Is common sense and common courtesy, like, gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her."

"Let a guy back in the door he just walked out of, I mean come on," Sheen added. "Common sense, that's all."

As the article says, Sheen's friends were unable to keep him away from paparazzi, which means the entire scene was captured by TMZ. (NSFW: Language warning)

(Clicking the screenshot will take you to the video.)

My favorite part: Sheen's friends try to direct him away from the paparazzi, but he fights them off and goes back. "Who do you think's gonna win today, Charlie?" The TMZ cameraman says. A friendly, almost childlike grin spreads across Sheen's face. "The Kings," he says, aswoon. You almost forget he's the same guy from the rage rant that precedes this peaceful exchange.

My second favorite part: "Go Thunder!"

Be sure to visit TMZ's website for video of Sheen's original entrance to the Staples Center, which was memorable as well.

Charlie had a bad time from the get go at the game. On his way into Staples, a taunting fan screamed,  "You ever done bath salts?" Charlie's response -- "Would you ask me that at a ****ing dinner party you moron ... go **** yourself."

Charlie Sheen has a point. Before you say anything, you should always ask yourself if it's something you would ask Charlie Sheen at a dinner party.

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