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• We don't often simply publish a photo and do the "Caption This!" thing. But for this image of Patrick Kane and Tyler Seguin playing for EHC Biel in Switzerland … have at it and CAPTION THIS in the comments. [@btmn99]

[Nick Cotsonika: The world according to Jaromir Jagr]

• The NHL and the NHLPA are preparing for a week of talks, and the great news is that they're not about where to hold the talks but actual, you know, negotiations. [CSN Bay Area]

• "Sidney Crosby inadvertently took a divot out of Matt Cooke's forehead with his stick during a drill last Friday." In a related story, Boston just purchased Sidney Crosby the beverage of his choice. [Post-Gazette]

• Finally … Thomas Vanek … HAS COME BACK TO BUFFALO (from Austria). [Sabres Edge]

• The epic failure of the New York Islanders leaving for Brooklyn: "The Coliseum was no longer fit for a professional franchise and the clown show that is often Nassau County government apparently didn't see the importance of keeping the team." [The Island Now]

• Great stuff from Charles P. Pierce on the Manchester Monarchs and how hockey continues while the NHL is locked out. From Larry Robinson of the San Jose Sharks: "It's big business now. If you look at what they're talking about in revenues, you're not talking about millions, you're talking about billions. There's got to be some medium somewhere where both sides can be happy. For me, it's very frustrating because I'm just starting with a new organization and I was happy and excited to start a new job, and all of a sudden there's no job to go to, and it's frustrating for me." [Grantland]

[Also: A glance at NHLPA perks in next CBA]

• Another good piece from Aaron Gordon at The Classical, on Gary Bettman: "No other league deprives their fans of their product with such regularity in the name of making the game more popular. This is The Bettman Paradox: the league that shrinks in order to grow, the league that stops existing so it can continue to exist." [The Classical, via Wayne Brown]

• Rick DiPietro is hurt. We'll alert the media. [Merkur, via Travis Hughes]

• Five players who left the NHL too quickly. We'd suggest that Nikita Filatov, despite incredible talent, may have never been an effective NHL player. But we'd also be happy to be proven wrong on that one day. [Polished Pucks]

• From lockout to lockout, who were the best San Jose Sharks? [Fear The Fin]

• Hurricane Sandy looters shun Toronto Maple Leafs hat. [Deadspin]

• The CU-Denver club hockey team, fighting for survival. "With $1,200 per player due fees, zero financial support from the school, and not having an ice rink to call their own, the club hopes to establish not only a better team but also a better sense of identity." [Advocate]

• Awesome: "This Friday night when the Komets host the Evansville IceMen at 8pm, Komet radio broadcaster Bob Chase will share the Fort Wayne broadcast booth with special guest Mike "Doc" Emrick for the entire game as it is aired on WOWO AM 1190 and FM 92.3.  The game will also be carried worldwide at Xfinity KometCast at" [Komets]

[Watch: Mesmerizing dance moves in Robyn parody 'Call The Union']

• Bourne on whether hockey will turn your kid into a jerk. [Backhand Shelf]

• A K-Wings defenseman takes part in the "muddy patriot", which only sounds like an urban dictionary entry that you never want your mother to discover. [Three Rivers News]

• Previewing the Super Series, including Team Russia's strong side. [Buzzing The Net]

• Jesse Spector vs. the salary cap floor: "If the NHL really wants profit certainty for all 30 of its clubs, and not just certainty of exceptionally high profits for its most powerful owners, it cannot treat all 30 teams as financial equals when they very clearly are not. This is not the NFL, where the main source of revenue is a massive national television contract, and local TV rights, one of the NHL's greatest sources of both revenue and financial disparity, don't exist outside of the preseason." [SN]

• Finally, here's a fight from the end of a game between Astana and Irtysh Pavloda from Kazakhstan. Worth it for the arm raise at the end.

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