What are the 10 top sickest NHL dangles for goals, and where are Mario and Datsyuk? (VIDEO)

The stickwork in this video is incredible. Oh, sorry, was thumbing through my porn collection …

Anyhoo, this video is pretty cool, too. Here are the Top 10 sickest NHL dangles from last night's SportsCentre countdown, featuring the talents of Alex Ovechkin, Jonathan Toews, Peter Forsberg, Rick Nash, Steve Yzerman and the man that's synonymous with breathtaking, highlight reel goals, Wayne … Primeau?

Now, the caliber of goals in this video is off the charts. There isn't one we'd toss off the list. But isn't it just a little odd that a list of sick dangles doesn't include Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings (he's got his own dangle song for Pete's sake) or Pittsburgh Penguins legend Mario Lemieux, who left so many defensemen beaten and abused that his goal highlights were set to Sarah McLachlan's "Angel"?

Eh, maybe there's some nuance we're missing between the "dangle" and the "undressing", which was featured in this 2010 RDS countdown.

So Primeau, Ovechkin and Spezza dangled into an undressing. Gotcha.

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