Yay or nay? Ravens travel through Super Bowl parade in military style via Humvee

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

Teams celebrating championships have used all sorts of transportation for their victory parades. The New England Patriots traveled via duck boat after winning Super Bowls. The San Francisco Giants used trolleys after winning the World Series in 2010, then switched to convertibles for the parade after their 2012 title.

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On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens traveled to M&T Bank stadium via Humvee like they did after their Super Bowl win 12 years ago. That's certainly a different look and it's hard to think of another team riding along in such fashion. (An Internet search only shows that the 2000 Michigan State basketball team rode in Hummer H1s during their celebration.)

There might be some who feel uneasy that professional football players are riding in military vehicles while having glory showered down upon them. The football-military comparisons are overdone and inappropriate. More importantly, the real heroes are the men and women who drive those vehicles for military operations in the Middle East and around the world.

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Those views are valid but there's also another side. There is a tie-in as Baltimore has been a proud host of the Army-Navy football game in the past and will host it again in 2014 and 2016. Also, there are military members driving those vehicles and what a cool treat it must have been for them to participate in a Super Bowl parade. That alone is enough for us to give the plan a thumbs-up. (If they didn't have a problem with it, can any of the rest of us who didn't serve take issue?)

What do you think?

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