Watch a fan break up a pass from stands in an Arena Football League game

The Arena Football League has a lot of rules that make it an entirely different game from the NFL. One of the quirks is that fans are right on top of the action, way closer than in your typical football game, and that led to a highlight you just won't see in the NFL.

In a Spokane at Jacksonville game last week (Spokane having an AFL team can be added to the list of things we didn't know), Spokane was inside the 5-yard line when its quarterback threw a pass to the back of the end zone. A Jacksonville fan in the front row reached out for the ball as the receiver ran a crossing route, and ended up knocking it away from him. The receiver complained. A Jacksonville defensive back hilariously went over and high-fived the fan. Jeffrey Maier apparently grew up to be an Arena Football League fan.

The AFL is actually a pretty fun game in person. And if you're lucky, you might even end up playing defensive back from the stands.

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