Tom Brady hair update: He has a fauxhawk

Chris Chase

From the follicles that brought you the Justin Bieber battle, the Carnival ponytail and the bald-spot cover-up comes ...

... the side hawk.

Tom Brady showed off his umpteenth hairstyle at a gala Monday night at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. It features shaved sides, a punked-up front, a Dennis the Menace cowlick and more hair spray than is used in an actual production of "Hairspray."

Tom Brady's in the "I'm Tom Brady, I'm going to do whatever I want" phase of his life. Only instead of going to play baseball (Michael Jordan) or converting to Christianity (Bob Dylan) or dating Kim Kardashian (Kanye West, et al.), he's sporting unconventional hairstyles that wouldn't look out of place at Senor Frogs during Beach Week.

But don't make fun. This is obviously Gisele's doing (she didn't want him to cut his Beiber-hair, if you recall) and, what, you're going to argue with Gisele? Brady sporting a new hairstyle is equivalent to your spouse telling you to change your sweatpants before going to the grocery store.

With great supermodel wives come great supermodel makeovers. She's not going to let Brady sport the same haircut for multiple seasons. That's what commoners like Bill Belichick do. Gisele goes through a dozen looks in one fashion shoot! Tom can switch up the hair every few months.