Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn are sniping at each other

Shutdown Corner

Perhaps only Tim Tebow, the man for whom everything is magnified by a billion, could be the genesis of a media fight between two backup quarterbacks. Tebow, clipboard holder for the great Mark Sanchez, and Brady Quinn, clipboard holder for the great Matt Cassel, are swinging their clipboards at one another.

Quinn struck first, as you might recall this quote from a February GQ piece by the great Mike Silver.

"If you look at it as a whole, there's a lot of things that just don't seem very humble to me. When I get that opportunity, I'll continue to lead not necessarily by trying to get in front of the camera and praying but by praying with my teammates, you know?"

Tebow, speaking recently at a function for boosters of the Florida Gators, took a swipe back at Quinn.

"I had a teammate at Denver who played the same position as me and he went to the University of Notre Dame. He would brag about his university, how great it was. Most of us in the locker room were like, 'C'mon, we all had opportunities. We chose not to go there.' ... But he talked so much about his university that it became easy. I'd say, 'Your whole team had one guy who ran under a 5.0 40 [yard dash]. Our kicker ran under 5.0.'"

Interestingly ‒ fine, somewhat interestingly ‒ GatorZone, the site where the quote originally appeared, has taken it down. Why it did so, it isn't saying, but it was a little out of character for Tebow, who usually just thanks Jesus and sticks to the tried and true media clichés.

If Tebow was indeed worried that the quote would get out, I wish he wouldn't be. It was a minor shot at Notre Dame at a college football function, and everyone in college football makes fun of Notre Dame. It's weird to not make fun of Notre Dame, especially in the face of someone like Brady Quinn, who for some reason still believes there's something special about Notre Dame.

Quinn and Tebow will just have to settle this on the field. In some year when the Jets and Chiefs play each other. And they've both improved to the point where they might actually play.

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