Marshawn Lynch fined $20K for crotch grab, more fines await

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The NFL fined Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for his post-touchdown crotch grab in the NFC championship game, and more fines could be forthcoming if Lynch decides to continue his tradition of not talking to reporters.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the NFL is also considering fining Lynch significantly more than the $50,000 for each of the past two seasons for not talking to the media. Lynch again declined to speak on Sunday after the NFC tiel game.

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Lynch, along with the rest of the Seahawks, is slated for media availability on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. If he goes with his usual repeat-a-single-phrase routine, the Super Bowl trip could end up being a significant hit to his wallet. NFL officials said that each session in which Lynch declined to speak would accrue an escalating fine, with the initial fine to be more than $50,000.

Lynch's fine is more than two other recent obscene-gesture levies. Johnny Manziel was hit with a $12,000 fine for flipping a bird at the Washington Redskins in preseason. Kansas City's Travis Kelce was fined $11,025 for a gesture that we really can't even describe here that he used to demonstrate his frustration with the officials in a game against Denver.

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