Kansas City Chiefs fan has a Chiefs glass eye (PHOTO)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

This is Steve Graham. Steve lost an eye in an accident 45 years ago, right around the time he became a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan.

A few years ago, he had an artificial eye made with the team's logo on it and recently shared the picture with the Chiefs-centric blog Arrowhead Addict.

On the list of "gotta support the team" gestures you may come to regret, this barely registers. Graham told the website he doesn't walk around with the Chiefs eye all the time -- "it can freak some folks out." He has a regular eye that he wears on most days, then switches  for games. And here I thought I was devoted to my team because I dig out my Art Monk jersey out of the closet every September.

Getting a team tattoo; now, that's something you can't take back. Turns out Graham has one of those too.

Thanks, Deadspin

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