Jets’ LaRon Landry: ‘I’m not going to stop hitting or head-hunting’

Jay Busbee
Shutdown Corner

The New York Jets. If you can't count on them for wins, at least you can count on them for a never-ending stream of storylines.

In advance of this weekend's rematch with Miami, sparks flew between Jets coach Rex Ryan and Dolphins running back Reggie Bush, and Jets safety LaRon Landry stepped in and threw jet fuel on the whole mess.

At issue: a pair of knee injuries, one that ended cornerback Darrelle Revis' season with the Jets and one that knocked Reggie Bush out of the Jets-Dolphins game in Week 3. (The Jets won that one, 23-20, in overtime.) Basically, Ryan and Bush sniped back and forth in a he-said/he-said spat over the injuries. Landry, who helped deliver the hit on Bush that knocked him out of the game, then closed the door ... or opened a whole new one:

"He will remember that hit," Landry said of Bush. "Every time he sees me, he will remember that hit ... Just watch the way he runs on Sunday."

Landry then doubled down on the trash talk. "If I get penalized, I'm not going to stop hitting or head hunting," he said. "I'm not going to stop the way I play."

"We want to knock him out," Landry's teammate Aaron Maybin said of Bush, "but we're out to do it legally."

Gents, we're all in favor of hard hits and tough football and all that, but in an era where the NFL is not only looking to protect its players but crack down on plans to target them, are these comments the wisest idea? You've got to figure that the Jets coaches, if they're remotely self-aware, were rolling their eyes at these lines.

Nobody ever won a game with a quote, but plenty of players have drawn extra attention from the referees because of their words. The Jets might just end up seeing a few more flags this weekend than they would otherwise.

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