Jets' Nick Mangold rides hard for Rangers, security called in

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You've already got to be a special kind of crazy to play center, the position with the worst threat of harm-to-ability to defend ratio on an NFL field. So you can understand Jets C Nick Mangold wanting to blow off a bit of steam at a hockey game, even if said steam-blowing-off is, frankly, terrifying.

Here's Mangold, along with a certain once-and-possible-future-Jets-QB, unleashing hell on the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs against the hometown New York Rangers:

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Yep, that's Ryan Fitzpatrick looking mildly embarrassed at Mangold's bellowing, with Eric Decker between them. According to the New York Post, Mangold abused the Penguins bench with such volume and frequency that security had to be called, which really seems a bit of a shame. Alas, Mangold's exhortations didn't much help, as the Penguins beat the Rangers 3-1.

Fitzpatrick's status is, of course, up in the air, but he and Mangold clearly remain close, as Decker joked on Instagram:

Bellowing, taunting, gossip ... all in all, a pretty normal night in New York sports. 

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