In 2011, Houston Texans fans did NOT like the J.J. Watt pick

The Houston Texans landed the best player in the NFL with the 11th pick of the draft four years ago, and most of their fans absolutely hated it.

Instant draft reaction might be the most inexact science (hey, have you read Shutdown Corner's draft grades yet?) but it also might be the funniest thing to look back on with hindsight. The Texans' Facebook post when the team drafted Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watt has been making a comeback on social media four years after the fact (h/t to @NYJUpdates on Twitter) and knowing what we know now, the comments are hilarious.

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We've all been wrong about a player, but look at a couple of screenshots and the comments on a player who should have been the NFL's MVP last year:


Not all of the comments are negative (good on you, Tonya Ellison!) but the vast majority of fans' reaction when the Texans drafted J.J. freaking Watt ranged from "ehhhhh, maybe this might be decent" to "I'm never watching football again because of this no-good pick."

There were many, many, many more comments and they ran at about the same approval rate. Here are some other comments that followed on that draft day when the Texans took a potential Hall of Famer with the 11th pick:

"Uh Prince Amakamara?"

"really?? wtf we need a strong safety's and DB's!!! why not Prince?!?!?!"

"Not the right pick. Rick Smith needs to be fired."


"Thanks for the helping the secondary jerks"


"Boooooooooo! What a waste of a pick!!!!"


"What about nick fairly. Oh prince too. Or Jimmy smith. Nah. Let's take j.j."

"Really? That's our first pick in the draft? Defense can use all the help it can get but REALLY???"

"That's why we can't win games now smh bad move"

"Never heard of the guy!!! oh well it is what it is"


"I wanted prince, we need corners, not DE!!!!"

"We suck again!!!"

"This is terrible unless we make him an outside line backer"

"JJ Watts is garbage!"

"I hate our management"

"Boo! Season ticket sale lost guys. Fairley should have been the pick."


"Houston blew it as usual."

And on, and on, and on. So if the Texans fans were in charge of the draft, the team would have taken Prince Amukamara, who has become a solid starting cornerback for the New York Giants. It's worth mentioning that Watt has more pick-six interceptions from his defensive end position (one) than Amukamara has at corner (zero).

Just a reminder that even if you hate your team's pick now, you might end up being wrong. Watt's approval rating in Houston is probably a little better than it was four years ago when he was drafted.


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