Cam Newton saw seventh-graders playing, so he stopped to join them

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Recess sure has gotten a lot more interesting since I was in school.

The seventh-grade students at Community School of Davidson will always remember Friday as the day the reigning NFL MVP dropped in unannounced to play football with them for a little bit.

WSOC reported on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's unexpected visit. He was filming for a show in the area, saw someone on the playground wearing his jersey, so he stopped. Newton asked the teachers their permission to play (how polite), so he hopped a fence and started throwing around the football with them.

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The video WSOC had is fun and awesome, especially how most of the kids just follow around Newton like he's the Pied Piper, because I guess how else do you react when the NFL's hottest superstar comes to hang out for a bit?

( screen shot)
( screen shot)

"I saw one girl crying and hyperventilating and when I asked, 'Sweetheart what's wrong?' she said, 'That was just the best moment of my life,'" Mimi Siadak, a seventh-grade teacher at the school, told WSOC.

Pretty darn cool.

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