Did Bill O’Brien accidentally call his Penn State team a bad word in the postgame interview?

Dr. Saturday

Penn State coach Bill O'Brien was emotional after his team's overtime win against Wisconsin, and then his interview on the field after the game provided a classic, "Wait, what did he just say?" double take moment.

O'Brien was asked about his team after the win on ESPN2's telecast, and he called his team either "a bunch of fighters," or a bunch of .... something else. Take a listen on the video posted above, but beware, it contains a swear word. Maybe. Or something that sounds like a swear word. Or something completely innocent.

It's tough to tell.

O'Brien probably said, or meant to say, "fighters" considering his next line is, "They fight hard." It's not clear considering his voice is cracking as he's trying to keep it together. Either way, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Even if he did mistakenly say the f-word on live television, it's an emotional place on a football field and he was proud of his team.

His players are, after all, a bunch of ... fighters?

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