Brady Hoke on Michigan State: ‘It’s been an ass-kicking’

For the past week, Michigan coach Brady Hoke has had to defend his program's poor performance against Michigan State and his team's preference to focus on Ohio State more than the in-state rivalry.

But while speaking to 450 high school football players Wednesday afternoon during the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp in Southfield, Mich., Hoke may have been pushed over the edge and finally let loose his true feelings about the Wolverines four consecutive losses to the Spartans.

"We play an in-state rivalry game against Michigan State, and they have beat our ass for the last four years," Hoke told the group.

"There's no other way to put that. It's been an ass-kicking. Just being honest with you. Pardon me about my language, but it's true."

Hoke has repeatedly said that he takes the Michigan State rivalry seriously, but while the Wolverines have invested in beating Ohio State, their former dominance against Michigan State has slipped through the cracks. The Spartans have defeated the Wolverines every year since 2008 and with the exception of an overtime game in 2009, the results haven't been close.

But before this run though, Michigan had won six straight over their in-state rivals and it was Michigan State on the hot seat about investing more time in the rivalry.

While Hoke is getting beaten up a little bit over the Wolverine recent record against the Spartans, my guess is that given the choice, Michigan fans would still rather see him beat Ohio State than Michigan State.

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