Busted brackets: No one’s final 16 is truly sweet on Yahoo!’s Tourney Pick’em

Kevin Kaduk
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Are you singing the Busted Bracket Blues this fine Monday morning? If so, you should know that you aren't alone.

After taking a deeper look at the data from Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Tourney Pick'Em, there wasn't a single soul among the 3 million plus entries that escaped the weekend with his or her entire Sweet 16 intact. Only two brackets came close with this one missing 15th-seeded FGCU and this one missing 13th-seeded La Salle.

[Pick'em: Click here to enter your second chance bracket]

So with so much havoc being created by this weekend's upsets, which brackets are sitting pretty? Well, one person currently leads the pack after correctly picking the outcomes of 42 of the 48 games that were played. Five others garnered 55 of a 64 possible points though two of those entries have been busted thanks to Gonzaga and Georgetown.

If your brackets are nowhere near those lofty heights, remember that you can enter a Sweet 16 second chance brackets. All entries must be submitted by the time the next round of games start on Thursday night.

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Here's some more data on the first weekend of the tournament:

• 1,061 brackets still have a chance of getting all of their Elite Eight teams correct.

• 1,030,612 brackets still have a chance of getting all of their Final Four teams correct.

• 2,268,474 brackets still have a chance of getting their Championship game teams correct.

• 2,653,009 brackets still have a chance of getting their Champion pick correct.

• 461,613 brackets have been busted (lost their Champion pick).

• Two of the top 10 most-picked champions have been eliminated so far (Gonzaga and Georgetown). Check out a pick distribution of title picks here.

• 475 brackets correctly picked all three of the double-digit seeds (#12 Oregon, #13 La Salle, and #15 FGCU) to make the Sweet 16, although most of them appear to be “all upsets” type brackets. Here’s one that has a legitimate Final Four, though.

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