Video: Jimmy Fallon sings Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy [Lin]‘

Even with Jeremy Lin's poor game on Thursday night against the Heat, his celebrity shows no signs of slowing down. The Knicks are still playing well, Lin still has a huge fan base, and there are still plenty of opportunities for name-based puns.

Yet, if there were any justice, the entire Lin pun movement would now end, because it has reached its logical end. On Thursday's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," the talk show's host performed one of his popular song parodies. Except, instead of pretending a TV theme song or pop hit were part of a legendary performer's discography, he changed the lyrics of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" to fit Lin's story and did the whole thing in the style of Eddie Vedder.

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The idea isn't so crazy, really, because the band is full of big basketball fans — its original name was even Mookie Blaylock in honor of the former NBA point guard. On the other hand, the original "Jeremy" is based on the story of a Texas high school student who killed himself in front of his classmates. Jokes are fun, but there's always going to be something weird about singing about dates with Kim Kardashian to a tune originally tied to lyrics about a horrific suicide.

(via Matt Moore)

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