Roy Hibbert’s hanging pictures of his huge block on Carmelo Anthony in his ‘man cave’

The Indiana Pacers' season came to an end when they were blown out by the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals on Monday, but while the team's focus will now turn to offseason moves and the management of expectations, Indiana's individual players and fans have plenty of great moments from a successful season to look back on — including center Roy Hibbert's mammoth rejection of New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony during the fourth quarter of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

In case you don't remember it, here it is:

Yep — still awesome.

The Knicks held an 89-88 lead with 8:25 left a 92-90 lead with 5:04 left in the fourth quarter when Hibbert turned back Anthony's dunk attempt and energized the Bankers Life Fieldhouse faithful. From there, Indy ripped off an 11-2 a 16-7 run to take control of the game and earn a 106-99 win that eliminated the Knicks and moved Indiana on to the final four.

It was a huge play, a game-changing and season-extending play, the kind of thing that deserves to be commemorated. And now, as Hibbert shared with his Twitter followers, it will be, in that holiest of holy places — his "man cave."

The art in question:

Fetching images, right? The work of ace Indianapolis Star photographer Matt Kryger, I believe.

While my skin always crawls at every single use of the phrase "man cave," I think it's great that Hibbert's going to hang these up in a prominent place in his home. Hell, if Anthony can hang a giant painting of himself over the fireplace in his living room, I think it's only fair that Hibbert gets to put up pictures of meeting 'Melo at the seventh floor and sending him back down to the first.

The great moments in our lives and careers are all too fleeting all too often. It's important to take measures like Hibbert is here — to document, to decorate and to give yourself an opportunity to reflect on all you've accomplished and all that's still left to achieve. Preferably while drinking as much Gatorade as you can as quickly as humanly possible. Now that's some kick-ass reflection.

Hat-tip to Zach Buckley at Bleacher Report.