Kevin Durant’s grandma doesn’t like it when he curses

Ball Don't Lie

Last month, the advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy took an ingenious step toward evolving the marketing of, public conception about and dominant narrative surrounding Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant by asserting that — contrary to the humble, team-first, aw-shucks demeanor he'd displayed throughout his first five NBA seasons — "KD is Not Nice." Durant's play this season has certainly been plenty nasty, as the 24-year-old forward is scorching nets to the tune of 29 points per game on 50-40-90 shooting, leading his Thunder to an NBA-best 30-8 record and hammering highlight-reel dunks on opposing big men in seemingly every city he visits.

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And yet, despite all the adspeak and on-court evil, Durant's still the guy who finds his mom and brothers for embraces in good times and in bad, has his mother's and grandmother's names tattooed on his chest ... and, apparently, gets text messages from his grandma asking him to watch his mouth when he's playing:

KD shared the sage advice from his grandma on Instagram on Tuesday, after he'd added Marcin Gortat to the hit list during a 41-point performance (including 27 in the second half alone) in a Monday night win over the Phoenix Suns. It is adorable and great and he loves his grandma and d'awwwwwww.

While it's most likely that Durant's grandmother just wants him to stop using such nasty language, as most grandmothers would, the note that "they be showing u when u do" leads one to wonder if maybe her concern is public broadcast of Durant's swears, like when the cameras caught KD lobbing some choice words at referee Dan Crawford a couple of weeks back, earning him the first ejection of his NBA career. Perhaps KD's grandma doesn't mind her grandson's impassioned cussing so much, but just wants him to be smarter about using it to avoid running afoul of game and league officials.

Maybe — just maybe — KD's Grandma is Not Nice, either.

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