Create-a-Caption: ‘Hey! [huff huff] Pick him up! [hork]‘

Baron Davis played 34 minutes in the New York Knicks' 89-80 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night. The last time that he played that much was two teams and more than 13 months ago (also, interestingly enough, against the Bucks). He spent much of the second half looking like he was going to throw up. It was ... unseemly.

Then again, maybe the fire in his eyes here isn't due to a fire in his belly. What do you think has Baron pointing and out of sorts? Best caption wins a nice, long swig of Pepto Bismol. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kevin Garnett says "cheese." (He only wants American, though. If you bring him any European cheeses, he will flip out so hard.)

Winner, J.D.: Kevin Garnett: "So I hear this guy singing 'Kiss from a Rose' by Seal in the other stall for a few minutes, he gets out and ... it's Jan Vesely!"

Runner-up, Orchard: Garnett: "I don't know what you gave me ... but it's working!"

Second runner-up, Mac: Garnett: "Grandpa Duncan just got a DNP-Old! Hahaha! Don't tell Sasha but Doc's planning to use a DNP-Incompetent on him."

Jeff Green and Bryan Doo: "Hahahaha!"

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