Video: This is how difficult it can be to get a water bottle out of a car

In the early stages of Saturday's Nationwide race at Road America, Justin Allgaier's water bottle fell from its cupholder and ended up wedged underneath his pedals.

That's a dangerous situation for anyone, let alone a driver trying to navigate a four-mile road course at high speeds. But retrieving that water bottle wasn't as easy as Allgaier reaching to the floor to get it. He couldn't because he was strapped in to his seat.

So when Allgaier pitted, a crew member dove in through the passenger side window to try to get it. And even that was tough -- the pit stop took almost a minute and another crew member had to come over and take down the window net.

Talk about a pesky water bottle. However, Allgaier recovered nicely from the long pit stop and finished 10th.

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