Chris Weidman: 'I'm going to break Lyoto Machida's will'

Elias Cepeda
Chris Weidman: 'I'm going to break Lyoto Machida's will'
Chris Weidman: 'I'm going to break Lyoto Machida's will'

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman isn't making any bones about his overall strategy for fighting Lyoto Machida this Saturday in the main event of UFC 175. The young title-holder plans to get and stay in the former light heavyweight champion's face until he breaks "The Dragon."

"Stylistically [Machida's] going to be the same as he was at 205. Going down might make him feel a little quicker, a little stronger and maybe give him more confidence," Weidman said during a recent interview on The Great MMA Debate podcast.

"I'm expecting a very confident Lyoto Machida, but I'm going to break his will."

Weidman doesn't have anything personal against Machida - it's just that "The All-American" strives to psychologically break each and every one of his opponents inside the cage. "100%. That's the goal," he said.

"I feel like anyone at middleweight, when I have a full training camp, I'm going to go out there and finish them. That's my mentality. I won't stop. The whole fight will be me trying to finish him. If it goes five rounds, I'm not losing the decision because I'm almost finishing him the whole time. I'm always prepared for a war, but I'm looking for the finish the whole time. I won't be happy unless I finish him."

Listen to the full interview, along with one of bantamweight challenger Alexis Davis, below. Then, let us know what you thought in the comments section!

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