Want to help Mark Buehrle fight Miami’s pitbull ban? Sign this online petition

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When it comes to offseason baseball stories on Big League Stew, few have generated the type of interest and reaction that the plight of Mark Buehrle and his family pitbull has produced.

As you'll recall, Slater Buehrle and his owners were forced to choose a residence somewhere outside of Miami-Dade County when Mark signed a four-year, $58 million deal with the Miami Marlins in December. The 18-month-old dog is an American Staffordshire terrier, a breed that falls under a pitbull ban the county began in 1989.

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Fast forward a few weeks: Though Mark and Jamie Buehrle have found a home in Broward County for their two children and four dogs, they're still engaging in the animal activism that made Mark such a popular pitcher with the Chicago White Sox. Not only did they film the 30-second commercial embedded above, but they've launched a change.org petition to rally support for legislation that would end the ban.

Writes Jamie Buehrle:

It is time to put an end, once and for all, to canine discrimination in Florida and make the Sunshine State a model of humane public policy. Please join me, Mark and our family in standing up for Slater and the dogs [in] Miami-Dade. Help save lives and keep families together by supporting the legislation that will repeal Miami's inhumane breed-discriminatory law.

The Buehrles are looking for a total of 7,500 signatures and have collected almost 5,500 at the time of this posting. Judging from the response our first post about Slater got, it doesn't seem like they'll have much of a problem reaching that goal.

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