Roger Clemens responds to Hall snub with polite note apparently written in Comic Sans font

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In case the photo of his statement (which seems to be written in the much-abused Comic Sans Serif font) isn't coming through on your C-64 or bag phone, here's how Roger Clemens responded Wednesday to falling short in the Hall of Fame vote:

After what has been said and written over the last few years I'm not overly surprised.

Thanks to all the teams I've worked with and to fans and friends for all the fantastic letters, voice mails, and texts of support over the last few years.

To those who did take the time to look at the facts...we very much appreciate it.

"Muchie Peachie"

— Rocket —

You usually get more flies with honey than vinegar, so in that respect it makes sense for Clemens to make a polite and understated response. On a day when nobody received enough baseball writers votes to get into Cooperstown, Clemens received 37.6 percent — well short of the 75 percent needed. Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros came closest with 68.2 percent, followed by Jack Morris, Jeff Bagwell (59.6), Mike Piazza and Tim Raines (52.2).

As for Clemens, he is believed to be the first candidate to respond to the results (not counting a post by a fake Mike Piazza). And the Clemens total wasn't so low that, you know, maybe after a few years of punishment or reflection by voters (whichever) for being associated with performance-enhancing drugs, Clemens and Barry Bonds (36.2 percent) will cross the threshold into immortality. Clemens certainly won't get there by ripping the electorate. So, nice job on his part not acting bitter.

And remember: Being acquitted at trial doesn't mean innocence. It just means not guilty in the eyes of the law. But as far as the Hall of Fame goes, the BBWAA is still the law.

As for "Muchie Peachie?" It's apparently slang for "much appreciated."

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