Rangers baseball couple tells its side of the story, wants an apology from Michael Kay

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"Oblivious" was the adjective we used to describe the actions of the couple in that crying young Rangers fan video that went viral on Thursday.

It was a good choice, too, because that couple is now saying they're guilty as charged when it comes to not being aware of their surroundings. After seeing their actions spark a gigantic debate on baseball etiquette, Sean Leonard and his fiancee Shannon Moore told a Dallas television station that they had no idea the young boy next to them was crying or even upset over missing out on the baseball after Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland tossed it into the stands.

Leonard and Moore say they were simply caught up in the moment during Wednesday's Rangers-Yankees game and would've given the toddler the ball had they seen he was upset. The couple has a combined seven children between them and is scheduled to be married this weekend.

From WFAA:

While the debate reached the masses, it was something Leonard said he hadn't even realized happened.

"My fiancee Shannon and I were honestly unaware of the situation of the little boy sitting next to us last night since we were so caught up in the excited and moment of being at our first Ranger's baseball game together," he wrote in a statement.

Leonard said as a soon-to-be large combined family of seven, that he and Shannon understand the emotions of a young child at a game. They spoke to News 8 Thursday afternoon.

"I love children, I would never hurt someone," Shannon Moore said. "It's very hurtful, especially when you know you wouldn't intentionally hurt somebody or hurt their feelings ...especially when it's a little-bitty toddler."

Moore and Leonard say they would like an apology from Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay for needlessly criticizing them throughout the late innings of the Rangers' 7-3 win.

Do they deserve one? It's hard to say. For better or worse, Kay's shtick is that of the shlub in the stands and his reaction was one that most of us were having at home as we watched the situation unfold. Kay described the couple as "oblivious," a charge that they accepted. It wasn't until the video hit the supercharged world of social media and Internet comments that the couple was vilified way beyond the seriousness of their offense. (To be clear, I was more amused at the trouble their self absorption was getting them into than I was offended that the little boy didn't get the ball. I did, however, feel for the little boy's disappointment.)

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But as is usually the case with viral fan stories like these, it's probably only a matter of time before everyone ends up on morning television and a happy ending is declared as their 15 minutes of fame runs out. Could a reunion between the two sides be in the works?

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