Opening 25-year-old baseball cards with Jeff Passan

We've had fun this week, ripping into packs of baseball cards from 25 years ago. And we wrap up this chunk of our video series with a familiar face — Yahoo Sports MLB columnist Jeff Passan, whose new book, "The Arm" comes out Tuesday.

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If you're just tuning into our 1991 baseball-card extravaganza, here's what you need to know: I've had two boxes of 1991 baseball cards sitting in my garage and figured it would be fun to take them to Arizona for spring training and open them with notable baseball personalities. I opened packs with Rajai Davis, Adam Eaton, the tandem of Brad Ziegler and Tyler Clippard, plus Arizona Diamondbacks owner/baseball-card mega collector Ken Kendrick.

Now we've reached my pal Jeff Passan, who witnessed some card-opening and decided he wanted in. I obliged because otherwise he'd dig into his thesaurus and insult me with words I don't even know. Kidding, I obliged because standing next to Jeff Passan always makes me look a tad bit cooler.

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Really, I was hoping we'd get a pitcher who had gone through Tommy John surgery, since that's what Jeff's new book is about. ("The Arm" is great, btw — but don't just take my word for it, you can read an excerpt right here on Yahoo Sports). So let's open some cards, tell some stories, crack some jokes and lament the horribleness of 1991 Score.

Oh, and if you're wondering: This is the final vid of this series we shot at spring training, but I hope to do more during the regular season. I've got packs left. So keep an eye out.

• Opening 25-year-old baseball cards with Rajai Davis
• Opening 25-year-old baseball cards with Brad Ziegler and Tyler Clippard

• Opening 25-year-old baseball cards with Adam Eaton
 Opening 25-year-old baseball cards with D-backs owner Ken Kendrick

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