MLB blames Superstorm Sandy for leak of new Houston Astros logo on team’s site

Kevin Kaduk
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The Houston Astros' new logo for 2013 and beyond may have officially just moved from baseball's "worst-kept secret" to "common knowledge." That's because a visit to the team's website on Tuesday morning revealed that every player page contained the team's new logo as well as a picture of the player wearing a hat that was poorly photoshopped onto his head.

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The early unveiling comes just a few days before the Astros' official event on Friday and after a trio of a few earlier leaks: An online shop posted an iPhone case containing the new logo, a sporting goods store put new T-shirts up for sale and the team's website posted a shadowed image that could be digitally manipulated to reveal clues about the team's new look. The primary logo is a throwback to what the team wore from 1965 until the early '90s.

So how did this mistake end up happening? MLB's official Twitter account explains:

MLB Advanced Media, in advance of super-storm Sandy, inadvertently posted photos of players in their new uniforms on bio pages.

Why an approaching storm might cause someone to hit publish on a future event before heading home to hunker down is anybody's guess. But it also provides a likely explanation for why the mistakes remain up on the team's site hours after they were discovered. The MLBAM team probably doesn't have the access to change things back.

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I can't imagine having the surprise ruined is terribly upsetting for anyone, though it does take some steam away from Friday's official event. Early leaks are a nature of the merchandising business, especially in an age when so many suppliers and sellers must have early access to the goods.

Regardless, it's still a great logo and Fashion Ump is glad to see it back. The Astros may not be competitive upon their entry to the American League West, but at least they'll look good.

The hot stove season is heating up!
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