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Lookalikes: Philip Humber and Eric Wedge (PHOTOS)

Eric Wedge (left) could be the older brother of Philip Humber (Getty, AP)

Seattle Mariners manager Eric Wedge must have watched Philip Humber of the Chicago White Sox toss the 21st perfect game in major league history with a sense of familiarity Saturday. Wedge had to have seen Humber somewhere before. Like, any mirror he's ever cast a reflection in, perhaps?

Holy professor Humber Humber! It's a double Wedgie!

Sure, there have been 20 other perfect games in major league history, but have any of them starred a starting pitcher who looked just like the opposing manager? You might have to go back to Cy Young's perfecto against Connie Mack and the Philadelphia Athletics in 1904, when everyone looked alike.

Wedge is 44 years old and Humber is 29, so it's more likely that they're brothers from another mother than furtive father and secret son. But the family resemblance is umberlievable.

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