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Joe Mauer to father actual Minnesota Twins

(Getty Images)In a development that proves the universe loves a good pun as much as bloggers do: Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer is a father-to-be ... of Twins! The news was announced Wednesday night by the Twins, who now have a reason to look forward to this fall.

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Mauer is this generation's Mr. Twin — a homegrown talent, No. 1 pick, franchise cornerstone and owner of the team's largest ever contract at $184 million over eight years. Which, we're pretty sure, means he'll be able to afford diapers and formula for two.

This further solidifies that he's the most twintastic Twin since Kirby Puckett. The Twins marketing department needs to give Mauer's wife, Maddie, a high-five for this.

An unconfirmed peek at the Mauer baby registry? (Getty Images)

Growing your family in a way that matches the baseball team's name? That's commitment.

It's not like Buster Posey's wife birthed Giants. (Thankfully, right ladies?)

Actually, she had twins too. Those catchers and their twins.

Is it the crouching?

We know what's next. All of Minnesota will be waiting to see if Adrian Peterson can father vikings.

Spring training is here. Stretch out with us.
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