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Houston’s Marwin Gonzalez turns in the most spectacular injury of the season (Video)

The Houston Astros haven't had any shortage of "Astros moments" during their woeful 40-91 season, but none of them were so acrobatically spectacular that they required a scoring from the East German judge. Well, until Thursday night, which is when infielder Marwin Gonzalez somehow launched himself high into the air after trying to beat out a grounder to first.

I say "somehow" because I'm still not exactly sure how Gonzalez ended up airborne at Minute Maid Park during an 8-4 loss to the San Francisco Giants. He didn't collide with any opposing player, nor he didn't seem to catch his foot on the bag and stumble over. It just seemed like the hand of a spiteful baseball god scooped Gonzalez up and then returned him to the dirt from whence he came.

As if being on a team that's 7-38 since the All-Star break weren't embarrassing enough ...

Gonzalez reportedly sprained his left ankle on the play, but walked off the field under his own power and is expected to be day-to-day. The injury, combined with the fact that he was still hustling for an awful team at the end of August, should make you think twice about laughing at this one. You should also feel pretty bad if you go ahead, chuckle and then forward it over instant message to all of your friends.

I'm not going to lie, though: I do feel pretty bad right now — as should after it made the multi-replay footage embeddable for wide dissemination across the Internet.

Poor guy.

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