The five best things about this video of a squirrel interrupting a college baseball game

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

This video from a Kansas University-Wichita State University baseball game earlier this week is currently viralling. Mainly because of the squirrel running loose on the field and interrupting the game. Go, little fella, go.

It's a fun video, perfect for a Friday afternoon chuckle. Accordingly, here are our five favorite things about it:

1. The obvious: Base runner Tyler Baker, the Wichita State catcher, scooping up the squirrel in his helmet. It took him a couple tries, but it's quick thinking and nice form.

2. Baker's first pump as he runs off the field with the squirrel. You'd think he hit a home run or something. The Shockers could have used it, actually. They lost 1-0 in 11 innings.

3. The second baseman. He can't even be bothered to care about the squirrel. Not a single bit. He's obviously here for serious baseball. He's not wasting his precious time to worry about Chip, Dale or whatever that squirrel is named.

4. The music. The Kansas University video people knew what they were doing. Some wacky music can turn a run of the mill animal-on-the-baseball-field video into Internet gold. Well played, y'all.

5. That no one tried to tag out Baker. The commentator says he didn't call time out. He just took it upon himself to handle this squirrely situation. Hey, it's a close game, you couldn't blame someone for trying to wipe a runner out of scoring position.

Baseball is back. Don't miss anything.
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