Fashion Ump: Ta-dah! Twins get '61 retros, fresh road uniforms

The Twins received such good feedback on their 1982 throwbacks for the final season in the Metrodome, they are busting out a new set of retro uniforms for 2010, when they head outdoors at Target Field.

Above, we have outfielder Denard Span(notes) looking quite dapper, just like Bob Allison back in the day, in modeling the 1961 home pinstripes. The new duds honor the 50th season of Major League Baseball in the Twin Cities.

Span seems pumped about the new/old look, which will be worn opening day and every home Saturday at Target.


"These are sweet," Span said. "I kind of feel like Harmon Killebrew or Rod Carew. These are the same uniforms they wore. I'm just glad that we'll get the opportunity to wear these and go out to the new stadium with these uniforms on."

That's not the only fashion bump in Minnesota. Below, feast your eyes on the new road Twinkie wrappers:

Check out right-hander Scott Baker(notes) rocking the mic, along with the road grays — without pinstripes, finally, thank Gawd — for the first time since 1987 (I think). The other large improvement is the cap, which replaces this guy as the primary road lid.

"I think it's appropriate," Baker said. "Any time you move into a new place, you want ... a new look. I think they did a really nice job with them. I actually got a chance to see some preliminaries. They turned out really nice."

• If you can't wait to order your road Nick Punto(notes) No. 8 and can't get to the local Twins team shop, you can always skip the mall and buy online.

• For you baseball fashion nerds, here's a list of all the uniform and logo changes the Twins are making.

• For more looks at the changing of the jerseys, check out the Star Tribune.

• The Twins president is named David St. Peter, which is funny because one of the Twin Cities is St. Paul.

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