Evan Longoria confirms he’s dating Playboy model Jaime Edmondson

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For the past week, certain places on the Internet have been become rigid with speculation that Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria and Playboy model Jaime Edmondson were dating. Sure, the public could see the circumstantial evidence, like this photo of the pair apparently enjoying themselves at Disney's Animal Kingdom. And there were the tweets of Edmondson and Longoria teammate David Price — something about a doggie sleepover at Price's house. But it proved nothing.

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However, just like with Woodward and Bernstein exposing the shenanigans of the Nixon White House and Watergate, we didn't know until a reporter actually asked Longoria. Ladies and gentleman, Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times is today's Woodward and Bernstein. Woody Bernstein, if you will:

In addition to the fame and fortune he has from playing baseball for a living, Longoria confirmed Tuesday he is dating model Jaime Edmondson, who was Playboy magazine's Miss January 2010.

"Yes, we are dating,'' Longoria said. "It's been a secret for long enough; it's not really been a secret, but nobody has asked about it. We are dating.''

Gotcha, Longo!

Edmondson is a 33-year-old former Miami Dolphins cheerleader (isn't that always the way?) who was a two-time contestant on CBS's "Amazing Race." A two-timer!

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Longoria goes on to say that he enjoys Edmondson's company because of her intellect, which is kind of like when people say they buy Playboy for the articles. No, no, Longo says: Edmondson has blogged about fantasy football and has a satellite radio show.

"So it's pretty cool to be able to talk to somebody on that level outside of the whole modeling thing.''

No wonder Longoria was a little later in reporting to spring training than in past seasons. There was much fantasy football and pet discussion to be had with Ms. Edmondson. Hey, here's a link to some of Edmondson's non-blog and non-radio work — and it's not safe for work, either — but it gives you an idea of what a big college football fan she is.

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Longoria, just 26, is living the life just about any heterosexual man could desire. With him pretty much handling things on the home front, and healthy, there's no reason he can't have his best season yet. Now, if he could just find his Rays cap, his life would be perfect.

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