Carl Pavano targeted by extortion plot

Kevin Kaduk
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This isn't the type of story you usually see about an opening day starter, but a Connecticut newspaper reports that Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano has been targeted by an extortion plot.

According to the paper, an old high school classmate of Pavano's used social media to contact the pitcher's sister and threaten to expose a same-sex relationship he said the pair had while in high school.

From the Meridien Record-Journal:

In the affidavit, Pavano's sister, Michelle DeGennaro, said Christian Bedard, 36, of Southington, was "attempting to extort monetary funds for his fabricated, false information" and that he believes he can hold the Pavano family "hostage" with the information. [...]

"The only way your brother is getting out of this... is with a heart-felt apology and a navy Range Rover with tan leather," Bedard said in one message to DeGennaro.

First rule of blackmailing: Be specific on which trim and option package you want.

Bedard has yet to be charged with any crime, but a search warrant was executed to take a laptop and journal from his home. Possible charges, if pursued, could include larceny and harassment.

There's not too much else to say about this one until the investigation develops or Pavano comments on the matter. You really wonder, though, how often MLB's security department handles cases like these without anyone knowing. Between a ballplayer's visibility and their outsized paychecks, they're always a prime target for opportunists.

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