Swiss forward Egli suspended three games for blindside hit on Leafs prospect Nylander

We now know for how long one of the players involved in the most discussed hit of the World Junior Championship will be sidelined.

As for the other player, well, that remains a mystery.

Swiss forward Chris Egli was suspended three games for a blindside hit that knocked Swedish star and Toronto Maple Leafs prospect William Nylander out of his team’s 8-3 win.

Egli will miss the rest of the preliminary round, but will be eligible to return afterwards.

Nylander’s status for the remainder of the tournament is unknown though.

Team Sweden doctor Per Adolf Bergsten met with the media on Sunday and revealed little. He wouldn’t say if Nylander had suffered a concussion. He also wouldn’t discuss a timeline for when Nylander could resume skating, but was told the 19-year-old is in good spirits.

Nylander shared some of his own positivity on Twitter:

What Bergsten did admit was that the injury would keep Nylander off the ice for at least a couple of days.

“Hopefully he’s back in the tournament,” he said.

Nylander’s brother, Alexander, said he was feeling better on Sunday and is hopeful for a return to the lineup sooner than later.

For now, Alexander Nylander is left to lament the fact that playing alongside his older sibling lasted less than one period’s worth of action.

“I was looking forward to it a lot,” he told the assembled media. “It was a special moment for me and him. It’s sad that happen to happen yesterday. Hopefully he can be back in the quarters or something like that.”

Nylander, the American Hockey League’s scoring leader, found the back of the net 81 seconds into Saturday’s win over Switzerland.

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