Memorial Cup 2013: Saskatoon comedian taunts Mooseheads with misspelled sign, perhaps on purpose?

SASKATOON, Sask. — Rule No. 1 of chirping: make sure you have correct spelling.

Exception to the rule: unless you're trying to make someone take the bait. During Sunday's MasterCard Memorial Cup game, one spectator seated next to the Halifax Mooseheads bench tried to distract the Quebec League rep by wearing a crash helmet and pressing a neon-coloured sign up against the glass enclosing the bench area. At first glance, he whiffed on the spelling — one o short in "too much" and "Haifax" instead of "Halifax."

However, evidence shows the spectator was apparently a Saskatoon comedian named Kelly Taylor (@TicTaylor). If this was performance art, was the spelling really that bad or was it a troll, designed to reel in journalists determined to turn a hockey tournament into a grammar rodeo?

The Liquordome is a well-known string of downtown bars located a few hundred metres from the Mooseheads' home arena, the Halifax Metro Centre. That's the brilliance of the bit: coming up with a joke that rewards the audience's Halifax nightlife knowledge, but then doing an apparent self-burn by using spelling you'd expect to see from Ricky on Trailer Park Boys. Who knows what to think, other than to maybe chuckle?

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