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Illinois volleyball dad threatened to kill coach and AD, rape coach’s family over his daughter’s benching

Lisle volleyball parent John Kasik — DuPage County Sheriff's DepartmentLisle volleyball parent John Kasik — DuPage County Sheriff's Department

A suburban Illinois man is facing serious charges after he went far beyond the pale in an altercation with his daughter's volleyball coach all over a rather innocuous and innocent coaching decision: The volleyball coach in question took his daughter out of a game and sent her to the bench.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune and a variety of other sources, the Lisle (Ill.) High head volleyball coach and the school's athletic director were both threatened horrifically by Elgin resident John Kasik, who was furious that the coach in question had removed his elder daughter during a match and replaced her with her younger sister. Among the threats were claims -- across multiple days, no less -- that he would kill both the coach and AD and that he would rape the wife and daughter of the coach.

Incredibly, the school's athletic director convinced Kasik to come to the school to talk about his concerns the day after the incident in question, but the meeting rapidly broke down and led to Kasik trying to block the door and violently bumping the AD as he attempted to leave the room.

Here is how the Tribune broke down the disturbing actions that led to the charges Kasik is now facing.

After the match, Kasik, who was in the stands and reportedly angered by the substitution, followed the school athletic director to his house and began yelling at him, at one point saying he would kill the official if his distraught daughter "didn't make it through the night," [DuPage County State's Attorney Robert] Berlin said.

The athletic director convinced Kasik to come to the school the next day to talk about the matter. Later that evening, Kasik allegedly left several threatening text and phone messages for the volleyball coach, including one in which Kasik threatened to kill the coach and rape the coach's wife and daughter, Berlin said.

Kasik has been charged with telephone harassment, battery and disorderly conduct, and was given a $300,000 bail fee. He posted a $30,000 bond which allowed him to be released from custody until he is officially brought up on charges.

The Lisle High volleyball squad, including Kasik's daughters — Lisle High athleticsThe Lisle High volleyball squad, including Kasik's daughters — Lisle High athletics

In the meantime, Berlin said that state authorities acted swiftly out of fear for the threats made against the Lisle coach, AD and their respective families.

"It's disturbing for a number of reasons," Berlin told the Tribune. "It's a parent obviously not using good judgment. The school personnel and the coaches need to be protected from things like this, so that's why we moved quickly."

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