California baseball power being investigated by LAPD for excessive toilet papering

Cameron Smith

One of the top academic schools in the Los Angeles area faces a unique controversy surrounding its standout baseball team: The players keep toilet papering each others' houses, to a point where local police have had to get involved.

The Grenada Hills Charter baseball team is under investigation for excessive toilet papering ... really — BeRecruited

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the Grenada Hills (Calif.) Charter High baseball team was forced to host a meeting with players, parents and the Los Angeles Police Department after parents of a number of the baseball players complained about their houses being constantly toilet papered.

“We’re trying to stop it,” LAPD Detective Ray Webb told the Times. “[The parents] want the kids to stop.”

Of course, wanting rowdy teenagers to stop hijinks and antics is a very different proposition from actually getting them to stop. That is apparently what precipitated the police department’s involvement in the toilet papering spree.

While it may not be worthy of a modern day L.A. Confidential remake, the toilet papering has already led to one scary incident, with a parent warned of a forthcoming toilet papering retaliating against the would-be perpetrators by pulling out a paintball gun and opening fire.

In the meantime, Grenada Hills Charter baseball coach Steve Thompson and school officials are investigating what has transpired and could hand out further discipline once it is determined whether any more serious actions -- graffiti or egging, for instance -- also took place.

Baseball, toilet paper, the alma mater of Brewers slugger Ryan Braun? Put it all together and that makes for one rather bizarre police investigation during the holidays.

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