Woods' ex-caddie Steve Williams says gym work cost him career

There's long been a theory that Tiger Woods' commitment -- some close to Woods at one point or another have called it an obsession -- to weight lifting and gym work shortened his career.

Count his former caddie, Steve Williams, as one of those who subscribe to that school of thinking.

“I guess when [Tiger] looks back, he might question some of the activities that he did, some of the gym work that he might have done that, you know, had all these injuries escalate," Williams said on BBC Radio's 5 Live.

"It is very hard to pinpoint how he has got to where he is now but I’d have to say there is a lot merit in [that theory].”

Woods has been on the shelf since a pair of back surgeries in September and October 2015. The first surgery was Woods' second microdiscectomy in 18 months, which led to a follow-up procedure. While Woods is apparently chipping and putting, it's unclear where Woods is in his recovery and when he might be able to play competitive golf again.

For as foggy as Woods' future is, Williams was resolute that he believes his former boss will win again.

“I don’t doubt he will come back to the winner’s circle," Williams said. "He is a great competitor, he has an incredible work ethic – when he can work hard – and one thing he does know how to do is win."

As for whether Woods will add to his tall of 14 majors? Williams isn't convinced the 40-year-old Woods can do that.

“But whether he comes back and wins major championships?" he said. "That’s going to be a very difficult task.”

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