Tip Drill: Suddenly there’s a market for your backup QB

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As most of you already know, Week 10 was a bloodbath for quarterbacks. On Sunday, Michael Vick, Alex Smith and Jay Cutler all suffered concussions. On Monday, Ben Roethilisberger sustained an injury to his throwing shoulder that has been described in separate reports as "unusual" and "significant." Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin simply says it's an SC sprain.

Here's the play that ended Ben's night, for those who haven't seen it already. Tamba Hali and Justin Houston drove him to the ground, elbow-first. Roethlisberger soon jogged to the locker room, his right arm motionless. He was replaced by veteran Byron Leftwich, a monolithic quarterback (officially 6-5, 250) who seems to do just about everything at half-speed.

You probably don't want Leftwich on your fantasy team. It's possible you don't want Philadelphia's Nick Foles, either. And, assuming Smith and Cutler will be sidelined next Monday, then neither Colin Kaepernick nor Jason Campbell will be recommended plays.

Thus, as a result of the spate of injuries at quarterback, a trade market finally exists. If you're one of the many fantasy owners who's had Andrew Luck or Josh Freeman or Andy Dalton or some other useful-but-not-elite QB stashed on your roster all season, it's time to deal. Go find your league's Big Ben owner and begin negotiations — right now. Go. Do it.

Plenty of you have been asking questions like "Matt Ryan or Peyton Manning?" all season. Or maybe you've faced a weekly Aaron Rodgers vs. RG3 dilemma. And when you hit up fantasy experts for advice, we typically say, "Find a trade partner!"

And then you'll shoot back, "NO ONE NEEDS A QUARTERBACK!"

And you've been right — until this week. Today, there are a couple owners in your league who desperately need QBs. Go get something done, gamer. This is a good day for fantasy vultures. The idea is to deal from positions of surplus to enhance positions of need. Act now, before your league's waiver deadline.


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