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Windsor students demanding closer Tim Hortons should walk their talk instead

Tim Hortons is Canada's most popular coffee (The Canadian Press)It seems rather rich that young people who want to promote active, healthy lifestyles think it's terrible athletes have to hike a whole kilometre for a double-double and a dutchie.

Just like when you slip on a good pair of shoes and step outside, there are so many places one can go with the story about human kinetics students at the University of Windsor — go Lancers! — starting a petition to get a Tim Hortons kiosk in their main academic building. The closest is "exactly one kilometre, or a 13-minute walk, away." One could frame it as a constitutional issue playing up the ubiquity of Tims coffee. Or about how today's students can quickly mobilize to get something which helps them stay alert. Neither of those seems to mention that contracting out food services in a government building is often a money loser that might take away from the public purse, but forbid a sportswriter point this out before the serious newshounds.

It's either a new high or low for #FirstWorldProblems, I cannot decide. There might not seem to be much a sports angle. There is one, though.

How did 400-some students with majors such as movement science, sport management and sport science not think of how kvetching for a kiosk for your coffee klatch encourages laziness and sloth? Sure, students can be pressed for time like all of us, so 13 minutes might mean lost study time. That's said to be the main concern, according to Adam Oran, the Windsor student who got the ball rolling.

Oran told CBC News the complaint is "about the time more than anything."

"We still promote a healthy, active lifestyle," he said. (CBC News)

Please don't be me started on terms like "promotion" or "awareness." It is fine to promote it. It is another to live it. Be the change you want to see in the world by setting a good example. Here are people who want to work in sports and they're sending the message that one should be on Facebook rather than take on a little added physical activity in your day is a bad thing. Talk about losing the lesson as fast as the nationally ranked Lancers basketball teams win games.

As a society, Canada is at a point where sports as entertainment has never been so readily accessible yet everyday people of all ages exercising for their own sake is in decline. The No. 1 excuse for not exercising typically is, wait for it, "I don't have enough time." The kids at Windsor will probably get what they want. Whether the irony is as delicious as any of Tims treats is a matter of personal taste, but we know it's calorie-free.

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