Rio 2016: What to watch, Day 5 (August 10th)

Phelps Face is a thing, is it? If you weren't aware of that, get into your Twitter account and hit #PhelpsFace and you'll see. American swimmer Michael Phelps really locked in and meant business before his performance on Monday night, pulling a Star Wars Sith Lord thing. Yikes, buddy. Dark side much? If you'd like to watch as the internet memes the hell out of this, click here. Happy Phelpsing. Here's mine, with the IKEA Monkey coming out of the store and thinking "Oh my God! Is that Michael Phelps? What's he doing at my IKEA store? And why is he so angry? Did they forget to include an Allen key?


Now, on to the action at hand. Here's what's coming up.

Day 5 (Wednesday, August 10th):

Daniel freaking Nestor. Don't you just love this guy? 43-years-old and in his sixth Olympic Games. Won gold in doubles back in 2000 along with Sebastien Lareau. Now, he and his current partner, 26-year-old Vasek Pospisil are into the semi-finals on Day 5 and that means they will have the chance to play for a medal. Will it be gold? They need to get by a Spanish duo consisting of Marc Lopez and some guy named Rafael Nadal. Tennis coverage is scheduled to air on Sportsnet One beginning at 9:30 am ET. Nestor and Pospisil will play in the afternoon or early evening, exact time is not yet known. UPDATE: Estimated time of this match beginning is 2:30 pm ET (ish).

All hail the young Canadian Phee-nom! 16-year-old Penny Oleksiak, already a bronze and silver medal winner in the pool, takes a crack at the 100 metre freestyle on Day 5.  She's in heat number five along with another Canadian, Chantal Van Landeghem. As well, Yusra Mardini, the heroic young woman who is swimming for the Refugee Olympic Team a year after she helped save herself and nineteen other refugees when their dinghy started to sink in the Mediterranean Sea, is in heat number one. As of now, these heats (beginning at 11:15 am ET) are NOT scheduled to be covered on television by CBC or any of its partners but I'd be rather surprised if we don't get an update instructing us that they've been added. UPDATE: You'll see this on CBC.

NOTE: This would be a good time to remind you that the schedules and carriers are subject to change. So far, there have been changes made every day and those are usually announced by about mid-morning, ET on the day of events. Come back and check this column then and I'll provide a link, at the bottom of the page, listing the changes.

There are swimming finals happening in the evening and they are scheduled to be covered, beginning a 9 pm ET, on CBC.

Canada's women's basketball team is off to a rip roaring start, including Monday's huge comeback win over Serbia, where they erased and 18 point deficit to win 71-67. At two wins and no losses, Canada is tied with the U.S. at the top of the pool standings. The big match-up between those two goes on Friday but today, on Day 5, Canada looks to keep it going against Senegal. Kia Nurse is a key player to watch; she scored 25 points in Monday's win. CBC, 4:45 pm ET.

On the men's side, we have no Canadian rooting interest unless you're going for the U.S. because of the presence of Toronto Raptor stars DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. The States outscored China and Venezuela by a combined score of 232-131, so, good luck, Australia! TSN, 6 pm ET.

Hey, look. Another #PhelpsFace meme: Here he is providing security at a Trump rally.


Bonus Olympics eventing has been announced!! From now until the closing ceremony, on a daily basis, Michael Phelps will attempt a daring feat, using only the power of his mind and laser-hot gaze. On Day 5: Phelps attempts to hate-stare a great white shark into complete submission. "I won't stop 'til it curls up at my feet like an exhausted cocker spaniel," said Phelps. I don't seem to see where there's any coverage of this... probably on Discovery Channel.

After watching a ton of women's rugby sevens over the last few days, I know I need to have that sport involved in my life more often. Would love to see a professional Canadian rugby league spring to life in the not too distant future. For now, we'll watch more of the Olympic variety and the men have taken over the field now that the women's event has ended. Canada does not have a team on the men's side but that doesn't make this sport any less fun to watch. TSN, 10 am ET and then again, for quarter-final action at 4 pm ET.

Men's gymnastics hits the finals stage on Day 5. Sportsnet has it at 3 pm ET, or you can watch it on that fancy virtual reality app that CBC's been flogging. I have not tried it yet, as I'm waiting for them to offer virtual reality studio shows so I can feel just like I'm sitting on one of those white chairs, pretending to be Ron MacLean's Andy Richter while he does an interview.

NOTE: The schedule can change and so can the channel. I'll provide an updated link on those changes when I receive them, so come on back a little later.