Rio 2016: What to watch, Day 14 (August 19th)

If I had my bet, it'd be that Usain Bolt's favourite Tragically Hip song would be "Ahead By A Century." Incredible, again, on Day 13. He's back in the spotlight on Day 14, along with Canada's Brooke Henderson and a horse named "Fine Lady 5." Seriously. Keep reading...

Day 14 (August 19th):

You kidding me, Brooke Henderson? You kidding me? Wowsers. Canada's 18-year-old golfing superstar absolutely slayed the course in the second round of the women's golf competition, carding a 7-under par to bring her total to 8-under, just two shots back of the leader, South Korea's Inbee Park. Another Canadian, Alena Sharp sits nine strokes off the lead. Sharp tees off at 8:14 am ET, while Henderson hits the links at 9:58 am ET, on TSN2.

If your appetite for sprinting has not been satiated, I've got good news for you. Both the men's and women's 4x100 metre relay finals are on tap Friday night and Canada has medal hopes in both races. The women blast from the blocks at 9:15 pm ET while the men go at 9:35 pm ET, on CBC. Of course, the big story here - ain't he always? - is Usain Bolt. He's trying to cement a triple/triple in this race. Won the 100, 200 and 4x100 relays at the Olympics in 2008 and 2012 and now he's won the 100 and 200 in Rio. Don't go away, Usain. Run again in Tokyo in four years. Or go to the winter Olympics for speed skating or bobsleigh, or ski jump... anything. Please! Don't leave us!

The Canadian women's soccer team was thought to be in a bit of a rebuilding phase entering these Olympic games and so a spot in the bronze medal game might have been thought of as a decent result. However, after the gold medal favourites from the United States got punted back in the quarters, this might well seem like a lost opportunity. 12 pm ET, CBC. Oh, opponent might be a good detail to include, I guess. They're playing Brazil. The gold medal game between Germany and Sweden follows, at 4:30 pm ET, on TSN2. You're right. If Canada had been in the gold medal game, it would not be on TSN2. But they aren't. So, it is.

Random, middle of the viewing guide thought here: Been trying to figure out just what has been missing from CBC's coverage of these games. Just seems like it's been lacking somehow. A little flat. Then, it hit me. It's because corporation hosts and reporters are not wearing this, which was all the rage for techies at the Montreal Olympics, in 1976.

Behold, the 1976 Olympics CBC shirt! 
Behold, the 1976 Olympics CBC shirt!

Bring these back, CBC. And put everyone in them. Everyone. I mean, you could spill almost any kind of food on that and not have anyone notice. That's always a necessary consideration for media types.

Back to the guide...

Equestrian medals will be earned and a couple of Canadian riders are in the mix. Eric Lamaze and Yann Candele are included in a field of thirty-five. I have some questions about their horses. Candele rides "First Choice 15." Doesn't that really mean fifteenth choice? and Lamaze rides "Fine Lady 5." Five? What is he, the Larry King of equestrians? 9 am ET, and then the second and final round at 12:30 pm ET, both on TSN. Some other horse names in this event: "Voyeur" (how creepy would it be to be doing something, getting the feeling that you weren't alone and then looking out your window to find a horse staring at you), "Clooney" (it performs in a tuxedo), "Tic Tac" (I've been around horses. They all need breath mints) and "Dejavu" (You will absolutely say to yourself: "I feel like I've seen this horse jump before").

At 7:30 pm ET, on CBC, there is a plethora of track and field events including the women's pole vault final, with Canada's Kelsie Ahbe in the mix. All Olympic events look difficult, it's true. But doesn't pole vault look incredibly difficult? If I were in the pole vault, I'd go under the bar and then rise out of the landing pit, arms raised triumphantly, hoping that no one noticed.

If you enjoy utter dominance and knowing full well what the result will be long before the competition is over, then by all means watch the U.S. men's basketball team take on Spain in a semi-final game at 2:30 pm ET, on TSN. The other semi pits Australia against Serbia and the winner of that one gets to lose to the U.S. in the final. 6:15 pm ET, Sportsnet.

At 7 am ET, on Sportsnet One, the men's racewalk is featured. I've gone on record before as saying that I think this event looks hilarious and it does. Somewhere, back in time, someone said: "I've got an idea... what if we contested who could get from point A to point B as quickly as they can, without actually doing it as quickly as they can." Hoping to see Andre De Grasse and Usain Bolt as last second entrants.

CBC's complete viewing schedule can be found here.