Raptors mascot goes all in with 21 Halloween costume changes in one night

'Spiderraptor' thrills the ACC crowd with one of his 21 costumes for Halloween. (Photo credit: @the_raptor/Twitter) (@the_raptor/Twitte)

He's known as one of the best mascots in the NBA, thrilling fans north of the border with his deft acrobatics and quirky antics. But on Halloween, The Raptor takes the show to a whole new level.

This year's performance, with the Denver Nuggets in town, was no different. In fact, The Raptor outdid himself in 2016, pulling off a plethora of costume changes that would make Lady Gaga proud.

The Raptor got the night off to a strong start, channeling Michael Jackson with a costume from the King of Pop's 'Thriller' video. He even joined the Raptors Dance Pack for a quick performance.

And this was just the opening number. Here are a few of our favourites from the night.

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